Innovation in training
An ambitious project rooted in reality

Considering our long history linked to the world of training, we are first and foremost impregnated by a pedagogical DNA.

We believe that innovation is only of real interest when it is used for concrete objectives and endings.

Our commitment: to create innovative solutions for vocational training at the service of women and men in workplaces.

Our missions

& Pedagogy

Improve the employability and skill levels of machine and vehicle operators.

Digital & Ecological

Reduce the environmental impact and risks associated with learning to drive, in particular by having a positive impact on the carbon footprint.

Support for

Help our partners regarding the integration of digital solutions into their training processes.

Our history

1995: Tower crane accident in Toul (France)
Following the collapse of a crane on a school in Toul, the "Association Formation Conseil aux Entreprises" (AFCE) was created in 1995. The Group opens three training centers. In 2006, AFCE Formation trained over 5,000 machine operators a year.
2007: Changing methods at AFCE
A trainer's work-related accident has prompted a rethink aimed at equipping training centers with simulation-based teaching aids. Their goal: to limit human risks during training and improve its efficiency.
2008: Creation of Acreos
Acreos starts up its activity with three employees on the premises of the community of Morhange (France). The target: to use simulation and digital technology to improve safety and efficiency in training centers.
2018: Acreos' growth accelerates
More and more customers are placing their trust in ACREOS' innovative solutions, as the company reaches the symbolic milestone of 500 units commissioned worldwide. Acreos adapts its educational solutions to new fields of activity. A network of partners sharing our values is being set up abroad, enabling us to export our French know-how to over 40 countries on every continent.

...and Acreos today

Acreos keeps growing. Our company is strengthened by committed employees who are convinced that digital solutions are a major and appropriate asset for the world of training.

This is also a thought shared by our customers, established in 40 countries around the world.

Equipments installed
in the world
Countries in which
Acreos is present
Trainees formed per year
using Acreos solutions

Our social, societal and environmental engagements

The world in which we live is increasingly aware of the social, societal and ecological issues it must take into account to guarantee a better future for all its inhabitants.

Since our creation, we have consistently raised our sights in these areas, especially:

  • By producing our simulators with a zero energy balance thanks to our photovoltaic installations.
  • By allowing our customers to save over 90,000 tonnes of CO2 in a single year.
  • Visit promoting and supporting a policy of proximity with our suppliers. In particular, we have reduced the average distance to them to less than 105 kilometers.
  • By claiming a high territoriality index, measured by the independent company IN-France, which places Acreos in the top 11% of the most virtuous companies in France.

Acreos, master of its value chain

Acreos has full control over the simulator value chain, thanks to its own development, design and manufacturing teams.

Last but not least, Acreos is able to offer quality solutions, thanks to its mastery of manufacturing processes and its commitment to a quality approach focused on the ultimate goal: customer satisfaction.

Join the Acreos adventure !