Backhoe loader simulator

Our backhoe loader simulator is a training tool designed and adapted both for beginners wishing to learn how to drive earthmoving or urban construction equipment, and for more experienced operators who have already had the opportunity to drive a backhoe in real-life conditions.

More than just a simulator, benefit from a solution that allows you to...

Plan & optimize your sessions

Offer an efficient training

Form with a framework & objectives

Measure acquired skills

Guarantee your traceability

Let's work together to integrate 4.0 training into your operations


Our concept is fully integrated into your training processes and becomes a useful everyday tool for everyone in your organization.


With over 15 years' experience in the training sector, we can advise and support you at every stage of the integration process, offering you a complete, customized solution tailored to your operations and objectives.

More than just a simulator, a global solution

Our top-of-the-range simulators are designed to meet the real challenges of training, such as regulatory & legal obligations, evolving certifications and pedagogical-economic efficiency.

Measure learning outcomes and secure your training data

You'll have the tools you need to assess whether your trainees have achieved their learning objectives, and to assess their skills. All this data is centralized and stored to guarantee traceability.

A multitude of themes and scenarios

A community of experts and educators has teamed up with Acreos to create a curriculum for our backhoe loader simulation software based on a sequenced learning teaching model. Considered one of the most effective methods for mastering new skills, it will enable your trainees to gradually learn, step by step, the most complex maneuvers on a backhoe loader.

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You will form your trainees in real-life conditions

Our backhoe loader simulator includes a variety of exercises designed to raise trainees’ awareness about several points of vigilance likely to be encountered, such as:

  • Conformity of machine components when taking up position
  • Vehicle stability
  • Working with reduced visibility
  • Filling the bucket of a transport unit
  • Backfilling, levelling, trenching
  • Safe driving

You will measure and monitor your trainees’ results

During each exercise, our simulator measures trainee’s performance according to a varied range of target skills, including:

  • Knowledge of the machine
  • Precise maneuvering
  • Bucket trajectory following depending on various constraints
  • Stripping with the right angle of attack
  • Respecting digging instructions
  • Levelling accuracy
  • Pipe backfill rate
  • Productivity
  • Getting on and off a carrier safely
  • Spill accuracy

You will analyze their skills development and generate their individual reports and training certificates.

Our simulators are connected directly to our supervision software (GSTA), allowing you to import, store trainee data and export results at any time.

Replica controls, true to the real thing!

Backhoe loader specific

  • A two-pedal base
  • One column with steering wheel and two commodos
  • Two joystick & button control units

Main features

  • Gear selector
  • Stabilizers
  • Shovel/loader mode changeover
  • Lateral offset
  • Arm/balance/sprocket controls
  • Arm extension
  • Open, close and tilt the tool

Our simulation platform

  • 4K UHD screen
  • Dynamic platform and engine vibrations
  • Compatible with a wide variety of machines
  • Plug & Play control units

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A backhoe loader simulator that complies with training standards

You’ll train right as usual!

The backhoe simulation software has been designed on the basis of the most recent training standards. It is regularly updated in order to keep pace with changes in training standards.


One platform, many machines!

Apart from the backhoe loader, do you provide other training courses?

Our simulation platform is compatible with a wide variety of other machines and vehicles designed and simulated using Acreos know-how. Discover all the possibilities on our dedicated section.


Give your trainees the confidence to drive a backhoe on a simulator.

Reduce risk and apprehension!

Form your trainees to operate a backhoe through an immersive, realistic experience. Your learners will develop the essential skills to operate this machine with confidence. Suitable for all levels, the simulator offers a variety of learning scenarios in a safe environment, with no risk to operators or real equipment.

Designed to guarantee optimum learning progress, our simulator enables precise performance monitoring and objective assessment of acquired skills. Integrated with your traditional practical training courses, it will enhance your professional training offering, bringing an effective and relevant virtual dimension to machine operator training.

With an Acreos simulator, you can also enter the era of economic and eco-responsible training. You can formally justify your environmental impact in terms of reduced fossil fuel use and CO2 emissions.

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