Logistics machinery simulators for vocational training

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CHARLIE : Forklift truck simulator for vocational training

Simulations for efficient logistics training

Discover our machine simulations for the logistics sector, specially designed to meet the needs of training organizations. Our solutions integrate scheduling optimization tools, enabling you to accommodate more trainees, and make efficient use of their training time. Our simulators offer an immersive, realistic training experience, enabling you to deliver high-quality logistics training while maximizing the efficiency of your sessions.

Training tracking and data traceability: essential tools

In the logistics sector, data traceability is crucial, enabling you to record the duration of training sessions, the topics covered, the results obtained by your trainees, etc.

Our simulators integrate advanced training tracking functionalities, enabling you to collect and trace important data relating to your training sessions.

Optimize your educational and economic efficiency!

Thanks to our solutions, you can measure your trainees’ skills development and increase the profitability of your business, while maintaining a high level of service quality.