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Solutions tailored to your specific needs

Because there are as many needs as there are companies, Acreos is your partner for all kinds of digital projects.

Our know-how and your technical skills will enable us to develop the solutions you need.

The stages of your project

1. Understanding your needs

Our technical teams and consultants are at your disposal to help you define the guidelines and specifications for your project. This crucial stage is an opportunity for Acreos to offer you all the solutions available to meet your needs, thanks to our expertise, while giving you the freedom to tell us about your technical and functional requirements.
Conception et développement

2. Design and development

You'll then be at the heart of our work process. Your teams will intervene at regular intervals to adjust, validate and refine functionalities until they meet your requirements.
The project as a whole will be staged to create the synergies needed to achieve our common goals. Our experts in pedagogy and new technologies will work in harmony with your teams to create the efficient solution you need.
Conception et développement
Suivi et échanges

3. Follow-up and exchanges

During the development phase, but also when it comes to an end, our teams are always at your disposal to define or review key technical points. We operate at 6-week intervals, at the end of which an overall review is carried out in your presence. This is also the perfect opportunity to adjust technical efforts to match your functional and timing requirements.
Suivi et échanges

Discover the breadth of our digital and educational expertise

Development of configurators for reproducing existing situations or creating new concepts

Replicas of real environments and specific work situations

Reproduction of a specific machine (controls, sensations, behavior)

Creation of educational tools in a dedicated field

Design of communication interfaces between our simulators and your management systems or real machines/vehicles

Your customized configuration

Innovation to meet your specific needs

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