Mining machinery simulators for vocational training

Monitor your operators’ performance and optimize your training processes

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Mining dumper simulator
Mining shovel simulator with backhoe bucket
Mound mining shovel simulator
Mining loader simulator

Mining machinery driving simulators tailored to your needs

Discover our mining simulators designed to meet the specific needs of training organizations and mining companies. Our solutions offer much more than virtual simulations: they enable you to optimize your training services and differentiate yourself through new teaching methods. Whether you want to train future operators or develop your in-house teams, our simulators offer an immersive, realistic experience, while minimizing the costs and risks associated with using real machines.

Add value to your training offer and increase your profitability

As partners in simulation-based training for the mining sector, we understand the challenges facing mining companies. Immobilizing real machines for training can be costly, risky and restrictive. Our simulators offer you a safe, cost-effective solution for training your operators in-house. With training scenarios tailored to the specificities of the mining industry, you can ensure that your teams are ready to operate in real-life conditions, while increasing your profitability through more efficient training processes.

What’s more, you can map your operators’ skills and assess their capabilities even before you integrate them into your operations, thanks to our performance measurement system.

Cutting-edge training for a demanding sector

In the mining sector, safety, precision and efficiency are essential. Our mining simulators are designed to meet these requirements. From handling quarry equipment to driving on mining sites, our solutions cover a variety of scenarios to train your operators for the specific challenges of this field. With our expertise in simulation and our commitment to quality, you can offer state-of-the-art training to your operators, ensuring optimal machine control and contributing to the safety and efficiency of your mining operations.