Mining dumper simulator

Our mining dumper simulator offers a unique, immersive experience that enables beginners to learn basic skills, familiarize themselves with the controls and prepare for complex environments. For experienced operators, it offers the opportunity to perfect their mining dumper driving skills and prepare for more demanding scenarios in real-life conditions.

More than just a simulator, benefit from a solution that allows you to...

Plan & optimize your sessions

Offer an efficient training

Form with a framework & objectives

Measure acquired skills

Guarantee your traceability

Let's work together to integrate 4.0 training into your operations


Our concept is fully integrated into your training processes and becomes a useful everyday tool for everyone in your organization.


With over 15 years' experience in the training sector, we can advise and support you at every stage of the integration process, offering you a complete, customized solution tailored to your operations and objectives.

More than just a simulator, a global solution

Our top-of-the-range simulators are designed to meet the real challenges of training, such as regulatory & legal obligations, evolving certifications and pedagogical-economic efficiency.

Measure learning outcomes and secure your training data

You'll have the tools you need to assess whether your trainees have achieved their learning objectives, and to assess their skills. All this data is centralized and stored to guarantee traceability.

A multitude of themes and scenarios

From grip to productivity

Developed in collaboration with experienced operators and trainers, our mining truck simulator adapts to your needs.

Turnkey solution? A tool tailored to your needs? You decide!

In all cases, it will enable you to reproduce realistic situations, allowing beginners to get to grips with this complex production machine while assimilating good practices and safety rules, and more experienced operators to work in risky situations and increase their productivity.

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You will train your trainees in real-life conditions

The aim of our mining dumper simulator is to provide step-by-step training in safe driving based on a number of themes. Here are a few examples:

  • Understanding the size of the machine
  • Reverse and perform complex maneuvers
  • Realistic traffic on mine site with other dumpers and machines
  • Coactivity and positioning with loading equipment
  • Compliance with traffic rules (speed, safety distance, etc.)
  • Weather conditions (rain, night, fog, etc.) affecting machine behavior and disrupting traffic flow
  • Road obstacles (slopes, sharp bends, undesirable features, etc.)
  • Troubleshooting

You will measure and monitor your operators’ results

During practice sessions, our simulator measures the driver’s skills according to a number of criteria, including:

  • Know how to maneuver safely in any situation
  • Knowledge of mining truck gauge
  • Learn how to use the retarder, maneuvering brake, speeds to avoid overspeeding…
  • Know and apply procedures at the right time
  • Anticipating traffic-related issues
  • Adapting your driving style to changing circumstances

You will evaluate their skills development, generate their individual reports and training certificates.

Our simulators are connected directly to our supervision software (GSTA), allowing you to analyze your operators’ results live, store their data and export their results at any time.

Replica controls, true to the real thing!

Specific to mining dumpers

  • Column with pedals, steering wheel, lever and commodo
  • Retarder
  • 2 or 5-position ratio limiter

Main features

  • Gear ratios
  • Automatic or manual gearbox
  • Speed bumps
  • Manoeuvring brake
  • Tipper controls
  • Warning

Our simulation platform

  • Borderless 4K UHD screen (visual comfort)
  • Navigation and training follow-up system (touchscreen interface)
  • Reproduction of movements related to the environment (gradient, slope…) and driving sensations (acceleration, braking, forces…)
  • Dedicated vibration system (engine sensations, hydraulic systems, etc.)
  • Realistic control interfaces for every machine
  • Change control interfaces in less than a minute

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A mining dumper simulator to meet your training requirements

The Mining Dumper simulation software has been designed on the basis of the latest training standards. It is regularly updated in order to reflect changes in quarrying and mining standards and practices.


One platform, many machines!

Apart from the mining dumper, do you have any other needs?

Our simulation platform is compatible with a wide variety of other machines and vehicles designed and simulated using Acreos know-how. Discover all the possibilities on our dedicated section.


Give your trainees the confidence to drive a rigid dumper on a simulator.

Reduce risk and apprehension!

Teach your trainees how to drive a mining dump truck through an immersive, realistic experience. Your learners will develop the essential skills to operate this machine with confidence. Suitable for all levels, the simulator offers a variety of learning scenarios in a safe environment, with no risk to operators or real equipment.

Designed to guarantee optimum learning progress, our simulator enables precise performance monitoring and objective assessment of acquired skills. Integrated into your traditional practical training courses, it will enhance your professional training offering, bringing an effective and complementary virtual dimension to machine operator training.

With an ACREOS simulator, you can also enter the era of economical and eco-responsible training. You can formally justify your environmental impact in terms of reduced fossil fuel use and CO2 emissions.

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