Acreos' approach
More than a simulation tool, a global solution!

Your simulation-based training solution acts as a central tool for the whole management of your trainees’ or learners’ training path.

In addition to the simulator, this solution integrates tools that will benefit all stakeholders taking part in your organization’s training process. Administration, management, trainers and learners are at the heart of Acreos’ concerns.

Optimize your training sessions

Plan and module your training courses. Simplify your administrative management thanks to our connected tools.

Offer efficient training

Our predefined courses have been established while attentively considering training standards and professional qualifications requirements. They are adapted to the level of your trainees, whether they are beginners or experienced.

Teach in a structured and guided way

Your trainees learn at their own pace, in line with the objectives set by the training programs you have assigned them. The trainer supervises and intervenes as an expert at key moments in the course.

Measure acquired skills

Result indicators, their formatting and their translation into a skills assessment will enable you to evaluate trainees' achievements, identify their strengths and determine their areas for improvement, as well as monitoring their progress curve.

Guarantee traceability

Track and record training certificates for each learner. Save and archive training themes and durations, as well as your trainees' learning assessments.
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A solution satisfying everyone's needs!


“The administrative management system makes it much easier for me to plan, organize and monitor all various training sessions.”


“Acreos solutions have made my life easier by giving me more time to bring my expertise to bear on my trainees’ pain points so that they can improve their skills.  I can track their progress at any time thanks to the results interface.”

Trainees and learners

I appreciated the accessibility of Acreos solutions, which enabled me to practice following the path defined by the teaching team. I learn at my own pace with clear, predefined objectives. I am gaining confidence as I learn and on top that in a safe manner. My trainer follows up my progress and can intervene at any time to advise me.


Acreos solutions enable me to occupy more trainees during lessons, optimize my technical platform and increase the efficiency of my training courses. I can track my return on investment and our usage data through clear indicators.

Manage and supervise your activities from one single platform with GSTA

Manage, plan, monitor in real time and keep track of all your training services from the same single interface!