Wheel loader simulator

Our solution is a training tool designed and adapted both for beginners wishing to learn how to drive earthmoving or urban worksites equipment , and for operators with more experience, who have already been able to drive a real urban loader.

More than just a simulator, benefit from a solution that allows you to...

Plan & optimize your sessions

Offer an efficient training

Form with a framework & objectives

Measure acquired skills

Guarantee your traceability

Let's work together to integrate 4.0 training into your operations


Our concept is fully integrated into your training processes and becomes a useful everyday tool for everyone in your organization.


With over 15 years' experience in the training sector, we can advise and support you at every stage of the integration process, offering you a complete, customized solution tailored to your operations and objectives.

More than just a simulator, a global solution

Our top-of-the-range simulators are designed to meet the real challenges of training, such as regulatory & legal obligations, evolving certifications and pedagogical-economic efficiency.

Measure learning outcomes and secure your training data

You'll have the tools you need to assess whether your trainees have achieved their learning objectives, and to assess their skills. All this data is centralized and stored to guarantee traceability.

A multitude of themes and scenarios

Developed in collaboration with industry experts, the teaching themes of our“wheel loader” software are part of a“sequenced” teaching scheme. Declared to be one of the most effective learning methods, it offers the opportunity to master the complex maneuvers of an articulated loader progressively by separating them into several distinct stages.

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Train your trainees in real-life conditions

Our wheel loader simulator will enable your trainees to practice handling a wide range of constraints, in complete safety:

  • Reduced visibility in rain, fog, sunset or at night
  • The effect of rain on soil behaviour
  • Complex maneuvers
  • Thoroughness when picking up and setting down loads in various environments
  • Respecting traffic signs

Measure and track your trainees’ results

During an exercise, our system measures the driver’s performance according to a wide variety of criteria and skills, including :

  • Knowledge of the machine
  • Proper positioning and orientation of wheel loader components (bucket, chassis, etc.)
  • Speed of pick-up and drop-off and correct positioning of loads
  • Productivity linked to filling
  • Load distribution quality
  • Quality and precision of clearing and backfilling according to instructions

Generate individual skills assessments and certificates

Our simulators are connected directly to our supervision software (GSTA) to store trainee data and export results at any time.

Faithful replica controls!

Two configurations

Our“wheel loader” simulation package is available in two control configurations. You can choose between the “steering wheel” package or the “directional joystick” package, depending on your driving preferences.

The control packages include a foot switch and one or two control units, depending on the configuration.

Main features

  • Automatic bucket and arm movements
  • Controls for the “4-in-1 bucket “* option
  • Anti-roll system
  • Differential lock
  • Stop of power transmission from motor to axle

*In accordance with training requirements

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Compliant with training standards

You’ll feel right at home!

The“wheel loader” simulation software has been designed on the basis of the latest training standards. It is regularly updated to keep pace with changing standards in the training world.

Our solution is therefore perfectly suited to a training course to obtain the CACES R482 Category C1 a CECU (Conducteur d’Engins de Chantier Urbains) professional qualification or a CEGT (Conducteur d’Engins de Grands Terrassements) vocational qualification. .


One platform, many machines!

Apart from wheel loaders, do you provide other training courses?

Our simulation platform is compatible with a wide variety ofother machines and vehicles designed and simulated usingAcreos know-how. Discover all the possibilities in our dedicated section. (link to Simulation Platforms & Control Interfaces)

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